About New SA Party


Suzette Jansen (Leader/ Founder)

I have been a teacher for 27 years. For 27 years I have worked with the most vulnerable, the most susceptible group in our poverty, gang and drug ridden communities: the children.

Watching them every day and seeing how a dysfunctional society has an influence in their lives, in their thought patterns, their behaviour and ability to learn, I have often thought, How can this be fixed?

In a school classroom you try your best to create a positive environment - but every day these learners have to go back to negative influences in their neighbourhood. You realise that something needs to change dramatically. That you have to move away from this scenario and try to make a difference from a different angle.

Our society is in disarray. Trying to patch things up can never make it right. We need to fix the core problem: unemployment. Unemployment is the cause of crime and social decay and it affects every citizen in South Africa.

I made the life-changing choice to resign as deputy principal at a primary school and take on this daunting task to start a political party. On 7 October 2017 a wonderful group of people who share the same vision, joined hands with me to found the New South Africa Party. We are not here for party politics. Our aim is to share our vision with the people of South Africa and we need YOUR support to succeed in our quest! In the words of our deputy leader, Mr. John Hans: WE ARE NOT POLITICIANS; WE ARE YOU!

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