Elections 2019


1. We are ordinary citizens like YOU.
We are not entering politics for the sake of being politicians. Like you, we are disillusioned by the current state of affairs on the South African political scene. We want to serve you with honesty and integrity. We strive to bring NEW HOPE to all South Africans. We are not politicians - we are YOU!

2. Social Society and Crime:

6 to 9 million people do not have a job; do not have decent housing, can not put food on the table. The fight to survive drives many people to crime. This affects all of us - everyone who has the means, put safety gates and burglar bars on our houses- and we lock ourselves up to feel save? Does this feel normal? Is this the new normal???? Shouldn't the criminals be behind bars and we be walking and driving around freely??????

New S A Party wants to create a means for unemployed people to put food on the table. This will lessen the need for them to take from other people; thus addressing the CRIME ISSUE. New SA Party will introduce a SOBER SERVICE BASIC BENEFIT of R1000 per month for all unemployed people - those who do not already recieve financial aid from the state. In oder for recipients to receive the SSBB, they need to be:

- sober from alcoholism, drug abuse and illicit activities
- do a monthly service in their communities, ie. neighbourhood watch, coaching sport, gardening, maintenance, etc.

This new venture will also cure our societies from social ills, like alcoholism and drug abuse. It will uplift people and they can use the amount they get from the SSBB to kick start small businesses and become entrepreneurs, resulting in that our people will be less xenophobic towards foreighners. A safer South Africa will create circumstances which are conducive for economic investments, resulting in more jobs being created - a natural consequence of a strong economy! The unemployed men in our societies will gain back their dignity and self respect when they can provide for their families again, and this will in turn reduce the occurance of abuse against women and children. Let us encourage men also - not just the women and children -and give them a platform to raise their issues of concern.


3. Corruption: State owned enterprises:
like Escom and SAA should not be SOLD – but contracted out to companies or groups of individuals with the necessary experience for a period of 5 years. On application they must provide a plan of action and show a profit or turnover within the 5 years period. If they work at a loss, they must be held accountable for the losses. Same goes for our mines. Contracts like the ones Eskom has with the mines, should be available to the public. There should be no such thing as "Private Information". We are living in a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY!!!

4. Service delivery:
The salaries of municipal workers and employees at state owned enterprises like Eskom, SAA etc. should be managed by a central office and should be uniform across the country. Currently municipality officials decide on their own salaries therefore too much money goes into salaries that should be spent on service delivery. Eskom should not provide electricity through municipalities, but directly to customers.

5. Land restitution:
Irony: People who occupied land only wants a small piece of land for a house. Let’s first address the issue of 5 million people who do not have a house. To address the backlog, New SA Party suggests the building of blocks of flats for social housing in the inner cities and central business disctricts, to bring the marginalized and unemployed closer to work oppprtunities, services and education. In the rural areas, like the vast open spaces in the country, plots of land can be allocated to people who would prefer to live in the country. New towns can be errected, with schools and clinics to serve in people's immediate needs. People receiving the SSBB can start their small businesses in these towns.

6. Economy and investments:
The SSBB will lower crime rates, which will in turn attract more investments to our country, and in turn that will create more job opportunities , a natural consequence of a strong economy!

7. Job creation: Outsourcing
Labour brokers is a means of exploiting lower paid contract workers- most of the income lands in the pockets of the middleman. Contract work does not provide a permanent income. We should strive for a permanent, stable income for every citizen.

8. Education:
We urgently need a new system with more teaching and less assessments - which are strenuous on both teachers and learners – and is not conducive for a positive learning environment; and is the cause of indifferent learner behaviour which in turn creates many stressful situatuions for our teachers. We need an assessment system that will create a positive learning environment - both for educators and learners.

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